Born in 1986, after completing her language studies, she graduated with honors in “Science of Fashion and Costume” at the University of Rome La Sapienza and then specialized with a Master’s in “Museum Curator and performance events for the visual Arts and Performing Arts” at the European Institute of Design in Rome.
Her interest in art has always been deep, and so, after her studies and professional experience (first in fashion industry events and then in the publishing field helping with at the preparation the monthly magazine Houses & Styles) decided to turn her passion into a profession, undertaking a career as a painter.
Since then she has devoted herself to painting full time, paying particular attention to contemporary painting and material boards with a special technique, which consists of using mixed putty, iridescent acrylic paint, bright paint and original applications.
With these materials she creates a unique product, completely handmade and “Made in Italy”, characterized by raised surfaces enhanced by flashes of gold, silver and reflected light: all her work is the result of an increasingly careful stylistic planning to meet the desires and to furnish the context of her clients.
A teacher Ciro Ciardiello has woven her praises and below we present an extract of his critical text concerning Valeria’s work.
“You can paint in a thousand different ways, Valeria has chosen the most difficult technique: acrylic paint and, surprisingly, with outstanding results.
Acrylic lends itself well to many things, but it is for those who want to work using little touches, which remain separate, like, brush strokes with their own identity. The viewer’s eyes then considers tying everything together. Valeria strokes the canvas with mastery and sensitivity, and gets the unthinkable: “softness.” This is a feature of her personal technique! Since I, also painter, tried to repeat the result obtained by Valeria … but I realized that it is only possible if she is holding the paintbrush!
Her compositional skills are perfect; In her paintings, the influence of the Pre-Raphaelites and the effect of magical golden atmosphere of Art Nouveau can be seen. Light, neutral tones that revolve around the figures and objects it represents.
It is a sight for sore eyes and soothing to the heart when standing in front of Valeria’s paintings: which communicate, and suggest changes in one’s life because they represent true passion. Passions gives meaning to life and she decided to live it up to the hilt. Her paintings evoke strong emotion in the viewers and the artist herself “
Valeria Motroni lives and works in Albano Laziale (RM).

English translation by Claudia Modigliano